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    Standard Banjo-Mer

    with Case    


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    The Banjo-Mer features are:

  •       The Eagle tuning head,
  •       Solid maple tail block and banjo head mounting blocks.
  •       Kiln dried African Mahogany sides and fret board.   
  •       Special select laminated Philippine Mahogany top and back.
  •       Your choice of all dark wood or a light top instrument as pictured.
  •       Banjo head is a six inch Remo weather proof fiber skin  head.
  •       Tuners are high quality Chrome Gotoh 16:1 ratio.
  •       String length is 28.5 inches, on a standard 6 1/2 fret  board.
  •       Standard sound hole design is the Star pattern as shown
  •       It has a three inch tone balance hole in the back.
  •       Bridge is 1/2" maple with ebony top.
  •       Custom made tail piece is polished aluminum.
  •       Built-in tone bar to transfer banjo head sound into the  wood body.

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More Banjo-Mer Items